Rain City Capital has provided DataSnap Foreclosures investors and client’s foreclosure auction financing since 2010. During the past two years DataSnap Foreclosures and Rain City capital have provided loans for foreclosure auctions, Short Sales and REO clients here in the local area. We realize there is a growing desire for the general public wishing to buy at auction or real estate owned by banks. DataSnap Foreclosures and Rain City Capital has teamed up to provide competitive loans to “flippers”, Auction Buyers, and Real Estate Investors alike.

Buying Real Estate competitively often requires cash funding or something similar. This does not mean that you as an investor need to have 100% of the funds to acquire and rehab a home. Every day people use other people’s money or “hard money” to acquire real estate.

Hard Money is a common term in the real estate community that refers to short term financing that closes quickly just like cash, and bypasses the complexity of the traditional lending guidelines.

When someone is buying a Bank Owned property or a Foreclosure off the courthouse steps, simulated or actual cash closings are often required.

Having been involved in the foreclosure auction market over the last 10 years, DataSnap Foreclosures and its founder’s have created a working relationship with Rain City Capital as its primary Hard Money Lender. Rain City Capital is willing and able to provide multiple lending options tailored to almost any investor’s needs.

We would like to hear from you if you don’t want to complete the form below or maybe you don’t feel this is the right solution for your needs. Please email questions or feedback to [email protected]

Loan Process

Our typical process can be broken down to 3 components: Speed, Flexibility, and Straight Forward Lending.

Our Process…

    Step 1: Submit loan scenario online or email [email protected]
    Step 2: Explain your goal for the property, desired loan, and provide any supporting details.
    Step 3: If it is determined that Rain City Capital is interested in your project a Term Sheet will be issued. Term Sheet will outline the proposed loan used to accomplish your real estate goal.
    Step 4: Review your financials and approve the Rain City Capital loan.
    Step 5: Funding your loan to hopefully make thousands on your latest investment.

Rain City Capital’s lending process is based on the current economic climate and is relevant for our local area. Our overall process can be completed in 48-hours or less (complex deals may result in longer turn times).

We hope you find the referrals below useful and encourage feedback at all stages of the investment process. Please email feedback to [email protected]

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